Mercury News: 75 Silicon Valley leaders endorse A’s move to San Jose

In a show of unity and a flexing of the region's political and economic might, 75 Silicon Valley CEOs have signed a letter to Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig urging the timely approval of moving the Oakland A's to San Jose.

The two-page letter, which was assembled by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, carries the signatures of well-known valley chief executives...

It is the latest and perhaps most impressive appeal to Selig from a range of avid supporters including the city of San Jose, a local pro-baseball grass-roots group and ordinary citizens, all pushing Selig to give the nod to San Jose. The letter drives home the point that Silicon Valley can deliver a level of corporate support to baseball that no other city in the Bay Area can match. It notes that the more than 300 member companies in the leadership group employ more than 250,000 local workers and generate more than $2 trillion in global revenue.

Shea Hey: San Jose ballpark plan is taking shape

In August 2005, Lew Wolff held a news conference to unveil plans for a new A's ballpark just north of the Coliseum.

It fell through.

In November 2006, Wolff appeared at a much glitzier news conference - this one with Bud Selig and Billy Beane and a bunch of giddy Cisco Systems Inc. executives - to unveil plans for a ballpark in Fremont.

That fell through, too.

Now the target is San Jose, but there's no news conference this time. Just a series of renderings displayed last weekend at the San Jose Jazz Festival and posted Tuesday on the Baseball San Jose blog (

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Downtown San Jose offers Silicon Valley’s only urban experience; residents, office workers and visitors alike prize the near perfect year-round weather and pedestrian friendly layout. Downtown is the perfect the place for a ballpark. View Video>>

Who We Are


Baseball San Jose is an advocacy group committed to building support for a Major League team in San Jose by:

  • Keeping supporters informed of Baseball San Jose activities and updated on the progress of a potential election

  • Driving supporters to our Facebook group, Twitter account and webpage

  • Building our supporter list of baseball enthusiast from across San Jose and Silicon Valley that can easily be mobilized in support of a possible ballot measure

  • Being a source of information for people interested in learning about a proposed ballpark as well as support interests people have in volunteering

  • Create a presence in the community to further increase our list of supporters through local festivals, farmers markets and presentations to community groups



Michael P. Mulcahy
Managing Partner, SDS NexGen Partners LP

Susan Hammer
Former Mayor, City of San Jose

David Roberson
Attorney, Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck

Bill Baron
Partner, Brandenburg Properties


Board of Advisors

Carl Guardino
President & CEO
Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Scott Knies
Executive Director
San Jose Downtown Association

Pat Dando
President & CEO
San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce

Patricia Ernstrom
Executive Director
San Jose Sports Authority

Sam Chuck
Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck

John Southwell
GM, SJ Hilton & Towers
Chair, San Jose Hotels Inc

Neil Struthers
Santa Clara & San Benito Counties Building & Construction Trades Council

Daniel Fenton
President & CEO
Team San Jose/SJ Convention & Visitors Bureau


Our Partners

Silicon Valley Leadership Group

San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce

San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau

San Jose Sports Authority

San Jose Downtown Association

Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck

JP DiNapoli Company

Hunter Properties

Devcon Construction

McEnery Family

San Jose Hotels Inc.

SDS NexGen Partners

Focus Business Bank

Bottomley Distributing Company

Acuity Ventures

MCM Diversified

Intero Real Estate