Mercury News: 75 Silicon Valley leaders endorse A’s move to San Jose

In a show of unity and a flexing of the region's political and economic might, 75 Silicon Valley CEOs have signed a letter to Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig urging the timely approval of moving the Oakland A's to San Jose.

The two-page letter, which was assembled by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, carries the signatures of well-known valley chief executives...

It is the latest and perhaps most impressive appeal to Selig from a range of avid supporters including the city of San Jose, a local pro-baseball grass-roots group and ordinary citizens, all pushing Selig to give the nod to San Jose. The letter drives home the point that Silicon Valley can deliver a level of corporate support to baseball that no other city in the Bay Area can match. It notes that the more than 300 member companies in the leadership group employ more than 250,000 local workers and generate more than $2 trillion in global revenue.

San Jose City Council Certifies Ballpark SEIR

In a unanimous vote, the San Jose City Council certified the proposed stadium's Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR). Public comments were overwhelmingly in favor of the project.

Thank you to all those who came out in support of Major League Ball in San Jose!

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Downtown San Jose offers Silicon Valley’s only urban experience; residents, office workers and visitors alike prize the near perfect year-round weather and pedestrian friendly layout. Downtown is the perfect the place for a ballpark. View Video>>


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Growing up in the South Bay, I fondly remember blustery night games at the 'Stick, cheering on Willie McCovey and booing the Los Angeles Dodgers.  

Now my wife and I have raised our sons as the next generation of Giants fans. We make the trip to AT&T Park five or six times a year.

I believe that it would benefit our entire region for Giants owner Bill Neukom to call off his lawyers and allow us to vote on a downtown ballpark for the A's. 

Would I go to some A's games in San Jose? Yes, I would support my city and I wouldn't mind seeing an American League game once in a while. 

But would we abandon the Giants? Of course not. We would still regularly go to games in San Francisco, especially if Neukom spent some of the "lawyer money" to get us a right-handed power hitter.

Grant Michels
San Jose

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